British and US units


Pressure units

Unit Symbol SI Equivalent Conversion Factor
pound-weight or
pound-force per square inch
lb wt / sq in
ppsi, psi
6.8948 kN/m²
68.948 mbar
pound-weight or
pound-force per square foot
lb ft / sq ft
ppsf, psf
47.880 N/m²
0.47880 mbar
kilogram- force per sq in kgf / sq in 1.52003 N/m² 0.65788
short ton-weight per sq in sh tn wt / sq in 13.7895 N/mm² 0.072552
ton-force per sq in Ton / sq in 15.4443 N/mm² 0.064749
foot of water ft H2O 0.029891 bar 33.4553
inch of Hg in Hg 0.033864 bar 29.53



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